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About DID Alliance

The DID Alliance is an open industry association created to drive the development of a standardized, interoperable framework for decentralized identity services to ensure the authenticity of and establish trust in digital identities. The group will contribute to the creation of a global ecosystem, the formation and operation of a collaborative network, the diffusion of standardized technologies and the development of the decentralized identity industry.


The DID Alliance was founded by Soonhyung Lee and Ramesh Kesanupalli, who both have the first-hand experience with building groups to develop open industry standards.

Dr. Soonhyung Lee is the founder of Raonsecure, a professor at Konkuk University and the Vice Chairman of the Korea Institute of Information Security and Cryptology. He has led the development of ASIA PKI Forum and Korea FIDO Forum and also has contributed to the training of cybersecurity specialists by playing a leadership role in ‘K Shield’- a project funded by the Korea Government. His whitehat team is known as the world’s best white hackers’ team as it has won the Big 3 hacking contests of DEFCON in US, HITCON in Taiwan and SECON in Japan. Currently, Dr. Lee is leading the innovation of DID and IoT identification service based on blockchain security technology.

Ramesh Kesanupalli founded the FIDO Alliance, a global and open standards organization for passwordless online authentication, with more than 250 members, including Microsoft, Google, Amazon, Facebook, Intel, IBM, American Express, Visa, Mastercard, ARM, Qualcomm, NTT DOCOMO, Verizon, Samsung and RSA. FIDO is an international standard supported by all major browsers and operating systems. It has been embraced by global partners and adopted by leading service providers.

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  • Target

    Spread the adoption of DID technology standards through the support of the members

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  • Direction

    Support the elaboration of technical policies by the global alliance members while promoting international cooperation

    Build a DID-based infrastructure for developing countries with a weak identity management system

    Enhance the intensive cooperation with international, regional, governmental, and private organizations

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  • Project

    Support global alliance and members’ key policy tasks

    Support DID technology education and related infrastructures for developing countries

    Support social contribution activities to restore self-righteousness of developing countries

    Promote best practices and ideas’ sharing

    Research on the new business models, technology trends, evaluations, and activation measures

    Support global cooperation and technology standard certification